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The Bar... Redux!

[After a quiet stint in limbo, she returned as if nothing had ever changed. The small bar was open for business, and drinks were served 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The lovely Proprietor was behind the bar, as always, wiping down the glossy surface with a damp towel. She exhaled a puff of air upwards to shoo a stray curl out of her face, then stood up and smiled when the doors swung open]

Welcome back. What will you have?

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Just a talk, Hakkai had said, and Gojyo knew what that meant. It meant bloodthirsty smiles and ice-cold words and possibly - probably - even a thrown punch or two. He'd made Kanan cry, after all. It wasn't like he didn't deserve it.

And for some reason, he didn't think I'm sorry would make this all go away.

So when Hakkai pulled him aside, Gojyo went willingly. Hands stuffed in his pockets, Gojyo sighed, bracing himself for whatever Hakkai planned to throw at him. "Let's get this over with."

Jul. 4th, 2010

[This was not where he fell asleep... and everything looked so small all of the sudden! Stumbling up from the grass he had been sleeping in, the white dragon blinked as he noticed that he had hands instead of wings.]


[Opening and closing his hand a few times and then wiggling his fingers, Jeep squeaked in shock and tried to fly away. Where was Hakkai? This was scary!

...but flying doesn't work with arms. It just makes you look insane.

Hello, nexus. Have a naked dragon boy running around with flailing arms.]
GONOU! Hotdog's're ready!

((What's this? A picnic? FUCK YEAH! Come on down to the park, ladies and gentlemen. Gojyo's got dogs on the grill, there's beer and soda and juice in the cooler by the pond, plenty of chips and pretzels and whatever other snack things come in bags that you want at a picnic... and yes, those are cupcakes. Those are special cupcakes, so keep your grubby mitts off or face the wrath of the five-foot kappa. Threadjacking is encouraged, and please, by all means, feel free to chat amongst yo'selves.))

Jun. 7th, 2010

[Falling from that kind of height usually ended with death or grievous injuries.

...not a sore tail bone and a twisted ankle.]

This is...?

[Well, it didn't seem to be some kind of underground space or any part of the building he had been in... in fact, he wasn't even inside. Had he fallen through that hatch all the way down to the World Below?

It didn't make any sense. Better get up and look for answers, then.]

A cigarette break

[Blue skies, green grass, subtle breeze. There's a perfect little spot beneath a leafy tree by the koi pond in a scenic Chinese garden, and you'll find that it's occupied by a man in a white trench coat, orange dress shirt, red necktie, and beige slacks that already have some grass stains on them. He sits with his back up against the tree, and he holds a book in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He stubs out one cigarette into his froggie ashtray (which he did think to bring with him outside) and immediately lights up another without missing a single line from the page he's reading. He inhales the smoke and then taps the cigarette, but doesn't realize the ashes miss the tray altogether, falling into the grass instead. Maybe he's not quite paying attention, which often happens when he's reading a particularly interesting passage.]
[Suddenly, you're in a school gymnasium. The lights are dim, and there's a disco ball in the center of the ceiling casting glittery light all over the place. The ceiling is decorated with crepe paper streamers in pastel colors, and there's a DJ booth with colored lights blasting out some drum-beat and synth-laden love ballad.

There's a large sign by the door that says SHANGRI-LA HIGH SCHOOL WELCOMES YOU TO THE MAGIC OF THE WEST DANCE. It's glittery. The whole room is obscenely glittery. Even the bizarrely themed centerpieces glitter with little miniature jeeps, paper fans, even sutras and shakujos can be seen in the flower arrangements.

It's the prom you probably never had.

And female!Gojyo is here in a simple, strapless black prom gown (what the fuck what the fuck she has never in her life had an occasion to wear fancy a dress, hasn't worn a skirt since she was a toddler) and struggling to find balance on heels (why why why is this happening).

She's made her way over to the punch bowl. Fortunately, the sweet stuff is spiked.

This is gonna be a long night.]

[OOC: Technically I don't think proms are until a little later in the year, but I couldn't resist once I had the idea. If your character enters this scene, they will appear in formal wear automatically. Have fun imagining what they might turn up in!

Thread-jacking is totally encouraged! Go forth, dance, and be awkward! And feel free to get nice and drunk on the punch. It's magically spiked, so even Hakkais might get tanked on it! There are also endless appetizers, all of them miniature versions of the stuff the Sanzo-ikkou's eaten lots of on their journey: meatbuns, egg rolls, etc.]
[Anyone who is out on the streets might notice this grumpy blond guy smoking like a freight train as he walks around with a stack full of papers, taping them to various walls, bulletin boards, power poles, and anything else that looks like it might attract attention.]

[Approach Sanzo and tease him talk to him as he's doing this, Y/N?]
[Well, there's a bar, which means there will be booze. And where there is booze, there will be Kenren.

He looks like something BIG just took an interest in chewing him a little. His black uniform is tattered and soiled with blood, but the man himself has taken a moment to clean himself on a fountain outside. His black hair is damp but the only mark of the carnage he walked through is a faint smear of watered blood on his temple, color thinned to a dull pink shade.

Death was not that hard. Really.]

So, what a man gotta do to get a drink around here? [he calls to the tavern with a big, crooked grin.]