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August 5th, 2011

Hey there, have a bar.

...it's possibly Kougyoku's bar, but this guest didn't really give a damn what it was named or who was running it. It had drinks and smokes, some resemblance of peace and a new, unwrinkled paper just waiting to be read. All the things any Sanzo needed to relax and unwind.

Even Sanzo's with double-X chromosomes.

This surly blonde hiding behind a cloud of cigarette smoke is slightly less tall than her male counterparts, and the hand that turns the page in her paper is slimmer and more feminine. She keeps her golden hair chopped short around her head except for a long, messy braid at the back, blowing away a stray strand when it annoys her.

Most of her form is hidden under her robes, but her black sash is tied higher, showing an obvious waist and fuller hips.(Though she must also be a picky eater, in need of a sandwich or two.) The sutra lies comfortable around her shoulders, curving slightly over a modest chest covered by the rakketsu... in which she keeps risking to lose her cigarette ashes.

Tipping it off in the ashtray instead, she turns the page once more, correcting her glasses.

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