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Hey there, have a bar.'s possibly Kougyoku's bar, but this guest didn't really give a damn what it was named or who was running it. It had drinks and smokes, some resemblance of peace and a new, unwrinkled paper just waiting to be read. All the things any Sanzo needed to relax and unwind.

Even Sanzo's with double-X chromosomes.

This surly blonde hiding behind a cloud of cigarette smoke is slightly less tall than her male counterparts, and the hand that turns the page in her paper is slimmer and more feminine. She keeps her golden hair chopped short around her head except for a long, messy braid at the back, blowing away a stray strand when it annoys her.

Most of her form is hidden under her robes, but her black sash is tied higher, showing an obvious waist and fuller hips.(Though she must also be a picky eater, in need of a sandwich or two.) The sutra lies comfortable around her shoulders, curving slightly over a modest chest covered by the rakketsu... in which she keeps risking to lose her cigarette ashes.

Tipping it off in the ashtray instead, she turns the page once more, correcting her glasses.
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Somebody change the catbox.

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[ When he passed out, he was in the middle of a dune-y desert. How the hell did he end up in an abandoned town at the edge of a forest? ]

Hakkai! Goku! ...Dammit, Jeep! Where are you guys?

((ooc: In preparation for applying to a new game, this here is canon reboot Gojyo, fresh from Reload 8. He doesn't remember anything that's happened in any game or DR, but feel free to remember him, if you want!))

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[A certain dragon-turned-humanoid is really bored and feels more than a little useless now that he can't turn into a Jeep any more. While normally a well-behaved pet child, he has been quite naughty and wandered off on his own, leaving Hakkai's home.

Maybe he could find the rest of the ikkou to play with?]
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[ Gojyo's shirt won't stay on. This is really annoying. He doesn't have any problem going around without a shirt on - in fact, he kinda enjoys it - but it's still really weird that when he puts a shirt on, it doesn't stay on. Why the hell does this crazy town want him to be half-naked?

(On his back, where he can't see, are tattooed five names. Two of the men share a family name, and none of the names are familiar. They aren't relatives of anyone that anybody knows, either... just a couple ordinary guys.)

Hey. Is anyone else havin' their clothes not stay on?

[ Oh, that didn't sound too good, did it? If any perverts try to answer that, he's seriously gonna bust some heads. ]

Tattoo Event'd

[ Kanan was in the bar at the time the 'event' happened, busy drinking her beer, so she didn't know that suddenly names were visible on the outside of her long dress. The black ink shown through as if the material was transparent exposing many names to whomever cared to look.

Cho Gonou was straight across her heart.
Cho Hakkai was below it, located on her stomach.

Around her legs were multiple, unfamiliar names that spanned from her ankles all the way up to her thighs. There was an interesting name, however, another Cho that wasn't Gonou or Hakkai that couldn't hide beneath her hair on the back of her neck. ]

[EVENT: Under Your Skin]

You wake up with a name tattooed on you body... or several. In fact, depending on how many people you've slept with, your body could be covered in tattoos. The other thing is-- what's up with your clothes? You can't seem to get them to cover your new "body art". In fact, nothing will.

I hope you didn't get those tattoos in any inappropriate places.

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[ He could be mistaken, but it seemed like the place spruced itself up as they walked through town. Dim dusty windows stayed dark, but the glass cleaned itself off, making the storefronts look closed, but not abandoned. And up ahead there were actual working streetlights! He was never going to get used to this place. ]

So. How did a nice girl like you end up in a place like this?

((Date post for Dokugaku and Kougyoku! If anybody wants to run into them, please post in a new subthread. Thanks!))